6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

There are six easy ways to increase your home’s value for a summer sale:

  1. Repaint. Adding a fresh pop of color updates the look and gets rid of the smudges, blemishes, and fingerprints on the walls. If you really want that modern look, try going for some of the popular gray tones you see on the market today.
  2. Address your front door. Add some extra color and decorative effects so that you create a welcoming feeling for people when they walk up to your house.
  3. Cultivate curb appeal. Plant some flowers. Pull out all the weeds. Make sure the lawn is properly manicured. Spread a new layer of mulch. All of these simple outdoor chores can make a world of difference, aesthetically.
  4. Add new appliances to your kitchen. Even if your kitchen needs remodeling, adding stainless steel appliances can have a very positive impact on people when they walk through your kitchen.
  5. Make some quick bathroom updates. A fresh coat of paint on the vanity mirror, updated lighting and hardware, fresh towels, and modernized shower curtains can do the trick even if your bathroom needs a major renovation.
  6. Add new bedding. It sounds simple, but it’s well worth spending a few bucks to go out and buy a bedding in a bag. The look of new bedding always makes a good impression.


Create a welcoming feeling for people.


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